A new breed of university

for a new breed of engineer.

In a nutshell

Founded in 2010, NEU is a revolutionary new engineering university differentiated by its diverse maker culture, faculty of leading practitioners and mentors, and unparalleled network of industry partnerships. With programs targeting high-demand market sectors, NEU transforms top talent into fully-accredited graduates with the relevant experience necessary to secure jobs.

The dynamic duo

Our esteemed partner, the University of New Haven, brings nearly a century of rich history, providing NEU with academic expertise, support, and degree-granting capacity. While NEU’s campus and programs are located in Silicon Valley, California, all degrees are granted by the University of New Haven. Together, we are proud to lock arms on this great quest to re-engineer engineering education.

What makes NEU different?
Just about everything.
Real-world projects

Our learn-by-doing philosophy transforms theory into relevant experience, yielding proven outcomes.

Collaborative teams

Scholars work in small teams that challenge and refine technical prowess, accountability, management, and interpersonal skills.

Faculty & industry mentors

NEU’s faculty of leading practitioners and industry mentors provide scholars with direct access to working engineers, while also furthering employer ties.

Cutting-edge technologies

In such a rapidly-evolving space, NEU prides itself on taking full advantage of tools and technologies that enable the greatest learning outcomes.

Unrivaled makerspace

Designed to encourage fierce collaboration and experimentation, NEU’s makerspace is home to all kinds of fun.